GTA METAL RECYCLING LTD has been operating and serving customers in the Greater Toronto Area. With scrap metal recycling industry, GTA METAL was founded on the core principles of friendly and efficient customer service, honesty in all business dealings and its the best policy.GTA Metal Recycling is one of the fast growing company

we have an extremely well-trained staff and invested in the most up-to-date technology and equipment. Our first goal is to make our clients fully satisfied with our services and the prices we pay for their matels. We want to see our customers smiling when they see the price we pay

These key aspects of our business have led to healthy and consistent growth and stability through long lasting relationships with many of our customers.

OUR CUSTOMER BASE falls into three main categories:

The first group is the general public: This could be anyone who is cleaning out a garage, workshop or basement and has a small or large quantity of metal they need to responsibly dispose of.

The second group are the tradespeople, construction managers, contractors, plumbers, electricians , independent scrap collectors and scrap dealers and brokers

Finally, we deal with companies in a wide range of industries who, through their manufacturing or service processes, have a need for our services for regular pick up for the best prices please check our prices page or call